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Spreading beauty and creativity one letter at a time.

If you're interested in learning the secret to upping your handwriting up a few notches, look no further. I teach a variety of fun-filled workshops for beginner hand letterer and calligraphers in-person and virtually. No experience required!

If you're interested in hosting a workshop for your store, an event, or an organization
e-mail Jasmine.


Lettering  Workbook +Kit

Interested in learning to letter?  Look no further, help has arrived.  This 30 page booklet guides you through hand lettering the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, a rule of thumb for bouncing letters, connections, and practice words. This kit also includes two of my favorite pens, one Pentel brush pens, one Sharpie, papers for card making + practicing, and tracing paper  (paper and pen colors may vary from options displayed). 

Spring Lettering Courses

Due to COVID-19, I am in the process of rescheduling all spring workshops. If you're interested in upcoming workshops for 2020 please subscribe to my workshop schedule list below.

E-Course | Intro to Handlettering 

One step at a time, learn basic fundamental techniques to create your own beautiful style of modern hand lettering. Learn why all pen, ink and paper are not the same while exploring brush lettering, layout and flourishes! Includes download: Live, Laugh, Letter: Lettering 101 Workbook.

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Thanks for submitting!

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